Fluted drains offer enhanced comfort postoperatively both at rest when coughing and at removal. When used after mastectomy, surgery fluted drains reduce the incidence of seroma formation. Furthermore, they have successfully been used after gastric bypass surgery, where they have allowed for earlier diagnosis of postoperative complications.

Mediplast fluted silicone drains are easily integrated with Mediplast wound drainage systems Bellovac® and Exudrain®. The drain fluid always remains safely enclosed within the system, minimizing the risk of patient or staff contamination, even during emptying and reactivation.


Silicone Drains
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Fluted Silicon Drains Leaflet
Fluted Silicon Drains for Bellovac® and Exudrain® Wound Drainage Systemdownload link


Surgical wound drainage a key element in facilitating the healing process. Bellovac® and Exudrain® product demonstration.

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