The complete range that meets different needs 

The Mediplast product range of drains is adapted for the needs of different surgical procedures, optimising the potential for smooth and fast healing. Each wound drainage set has its own qualities, so that within our range you will always be able to find a drain that meets your demands for volume capacity and suction power.

The Mediplast low vacuum drains are very easy to use. They require no expensive equipment or specially trained staff. Non-return valves in both the inlet and outlet of the bellows and bulbs minimise handling problems and consequently saves nursing time. They are delivered as complete and sterile sets.

Silicone Drains and Wound Drains
Bellovac® Exudrain® The perfect way to fit
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Wound Drainage at its best
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Wound Drains
A complete range of wound drains that meets different needsdownload link


Surgical wound drainage a key element in facilitating the healing process. Bellovac® and Exudrain® product demonstration.

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